Functions Of The New York Lactation Specialist

The New York Lactation specialist is medical personnel that provides professional support to mothers who may be undergoing some nursing issues. Their help could start as early before delivery or after the baby arrives.

While some mothers have a smooth after the birth encounter, some face a predicament. In the case of new mothers, the problems can be depressing to both the mother and child. The struggles faced by each parent vary widely, thus the provision of unique help. In some instances, it could be a lack of knowledge on how to latch correctly, which leads to taking in of air that results in stomach discomfort.

However, in some extreme cases, the baby could be suffering from some birth-related conditions like a cleft pallet, or it could be preterm, thus the need for some tailored services to help them. Below are some of the help these mothers and children get.


Some mothers suffer, and due to a lack of information, they fail to seek professional help. The result is giving up on breastfeeding; hence they turn to formulas.

The New York lactation consultant’s first step when addressing these issues is to advocate for breastfeeding. They explain the importance of this milk as compared to other processed milk and relevant products like formula. Breast milk is an independent product consisting of all the nutrients that infants require.

The recommendation is that mothers give it to their babies for the first six months exclusively. Children who fail to get this vital food end up suffering from low immunity to fight diseases later in their childhood.


The IELBC has trained the New York lactation specialist on the kind of approaches to take, depending on the situation at hand. The coaches are in a position to advise mothers on methods of boosting milk production. There are supplements in the market that are all-natural that help in these sectors.

As the child grows, their consumption increases, thus the need for mothers to stay put. When they achieve this goal, the specialists teach them how to pump the excess and store for rainy days. This way, mothers will have a smoother experience knowing their kids can have milk even during their absence.

With such services, mothers are now benefiting widely to ensure their infants get their rights. The experience becomes smooth for both parties as the baby does not suffer deprivation while the mother is more comfortable delivering.

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