What You Need To Know About Texas Liquor Laws

If you live in the state of Texas you may have noticed that the liquor laws may be quite. This is true for the consumer as it is for the retailer said a TABC Houston TX attorney. Both want to stay within the legal limits of Texas law, however, it can be rather confusing. With this in mind, we decided to answer three of the most common questions regarding Texas laws. This will ensure that both consumers and retailers stay on the legal side of.

One of the most pressing concerns when it comes to Texas liquor laws is the age requirements when dealing with alcohol. If an individual would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the state of Texas, they must be at least 21 years of age. However, the confusion arises in the stImage result for Texas liquor lawate of Texas by a series of exceptions. For example, one of the largest sources of confusion is the fact that Texas is only one of the 10 states in the nation that will allow a minor to consume alcohol.

However, they must be within the privacy of their own home or in the presence of a consenting family member. In this regard, the parent is taking responsibility for the minor’s actions due to┬áthe consumption of alcohol. Another issue with the exception is that any adult cannot serve alcohol to a non-family member who is younger than 21.

In Texas, a parent will be held responsible for the child’s action while under the consumption of alcohol. Parents can be held responsible if the minor damages by the property, gets into a fight, or is injured or die as a result of drinking on the parent’s property.

Another unique fact about Texas liquor law is the prohibition-style of wet and dry counties. In Texas, a county is considered dry when there are no sales of any type of alcoholic beverages anywhere in the county. This form of prohibition can be found in counties such as Kent, Roberts, Martin, and Borden. This is there are dry counties there are what counties which as the name implies allows the sale of alcoholic beverages everywhere those counties include Kendall, Austin, Washington, Fayette, and Midland.

As you can see, there are several exceptions in confusing aspects of Texas liquor law. If you plan to consume alcohol it is essential that you understand Texas liquor law is ignorance is never allowed in the court system.

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