SEO Tips For Plastic Surgeons

Knowing that you need SEO and having a good strategy are two different things. As a plastic surgeon, your focus is not on marketing, but you need this to have a thriving business. If your plastic surgeon SEO strategy is not providing the results you want, there are some tips that could help.

Use Buyer Intent For Keyword Research

When researching keywords for your content, you need to keep buyer intent in mind. This helps you target search terms that your potential clients are going to use. Keywords related to buyer intent will boost conversions because the people using these terms are close to the end of the sales journey.

General keywords such as breast implants will have a lot of hits, but the conversion rate is much lower. People using this keyword could be at the start of the sales journey and still unsure about committing to any surgery. A buyer intent keyword such as breast implant South Beach is better because the user has already committed to the surgery. They are no looking for providers of the service they want.

Optimize All Listings

Many plastic surgeons focus on optimizing their websites only. While an optimized website is vital for marketing, there are other listings that you need to look at. If you have social media accounts, you need to optimize them as well.

The description of the account and the about section have to be properly optimized on social media. Every post on these accounts should also be optimized through the use of keywords or appropriate hashtags. When your social accounts are optimized, more people can find you and navigate to your website.

When creating a business listing in any directory, you need to optimize this as well. Having a business listing is health-related directories that will help with your optimization.

Get Reviews

As a plastic surgeon, reviews are gold for your SEO strategy. As you are looking at local SEO, reviews are one of the signals used by the search engines in their ranking algorithm. If your competition has reviews and you do not, they will appear first.

To get reviews, you should ask your patients to leave feedback online. If they are nervous about doing this, anonymous feedback is just as good. To start getting these reviews, you should email all your existing and past patients with a link to your Google My Business profile and ask for a review.

SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your plastic surgery business. To boost your SEO strategy, you need to use the right keywords, ensure all your listings are optimized and have reviews.

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