Reasons and Ways to Protect Your Hearing

It’s crucial for all of us to take extra care of our ears and hearing cause damaging the auditory system tends to irreparable sometimes. For those who experience hearing loss, it’s vital to protect and maintain your remaining hearing since it’s essential to communicate freely with other people said a hearing aids Denver based clinic. No matter your level of hearing, it’s important to do all you can to maintain it.

Image result for Reasons and Ways to Protect Your HearingWhatever environment you’re in, whether at home, school, concert, work, or even if you just listening to music on your phone, there’re various steps you can take to manage and protect your hearing.

– Avoid loud noises – Basically, noise is most likely loud enough to cause damage to your hearing if you have to raise your voice when communicating to other people or when you have trouble hearing what people close to you are saying. Also, noise that hurts your ears or causes some muffled hearing afterward should be avoided at all costs!

– Listening to music with care – Avoid turning your volume up while listening to your headphones in a way to cover up the noise outside; it would be better to maintain the volume at a comfortable level. It’s recommended not to use headphones or earphones for more than an hour and if you have to, take a break of at least 5 minutes after every hour.

– Get your hearing tested – If you’re worried about experiencing hearing loss, it’s crucial to get your hearing tested as soon as possible. If hearing loss is detected early enough, something can be done to protect your hearing. It would also be better to have hearing checks regularly, especially if you’re at a higher risk of acquiring hearing loss caused by working in a noisy environment.

Types of Ear Protection

There’s a variety of hearing protection products available. Ear plugs that are of high quality will assist in minimizing the general level of sound while preserving an even balance in the sound spectrum. For better overall protection, go for the earplugs that have a higher number of decibels of attenuation.

– Non-custom ear plugs – Plugs can be created from silicone, memory foam, tapered or flanged. These types of earplugs are usually disposable and can be fitted with specific filters that can be used in different situations or environments.

– Earmuffs or defenders – Earmuffs or defenders are made of sound-deadened cups which help in absorbing sound waves.

– Custom hearing protection – This is good for musicians looking to protect their hearing.

It’s advisable to discuss your needs with the manufacturer or your audiologist who will give you a recommendation for a suitable product. Hearing is delicate and prone to damage from daily activities and environments. Use this guide to learn the different ways to manage and protect your hearing.

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